As part of the Insects photography, here is a very creative photo article made using Bokeh photography.

When the light rays create magic.

A simple ray of light can brighten the entire darkness. That is the power of light. It always shows the right path as it guides as in our life. Life has no diversions. Either you live it or leave it. Light symbolises hope. So be the light, be the hope and Spread happiness all around you.

All things have their origin from light and without light nothing come into being. When sunlight flows through the branches, the leaves capture a stroke of light and then transfers that energy into tree. This sunlight creates the effect of bokeh. For me the effect of bokeh was more or less evident when it comes to the small lives that roams around us.

Valuable message to life

When journey starts through the macro world, it is really surprising that the life of insects would convey a much valuable message to life. Sharing these messages with the photo enthusiasts of the outer world is always valuable. This article will definitely full-fill these needs.

Hairy Itchy Caterpillar : Most peaceful meditation I have ever seen. He was facing the sun being dissolved in the first rays of sun.
Leaf Beetle : His Poses were like a professional model. He did for me several clicks without ant shyness. The interesting fact is that, there are artists in the macro world too. Studio light in the nature with bokeh was marvellous.
Beetle : I saw a tiny happy face who was enjoying the last rays of sun light by swinging on a stem, making the nature also happy.
Weaver Ant : That was the end of the day, still he was busy making a new home with thousands of co – workers. The soft light behind him was enlightening his hard work.
Lynx Spider : Now I realized, what the meaning of patience is. It is also cleared that to what extend it worth. I wondered about the art of hunting. I got one of the greatest lessons of life with the bokeh effect.
Beetle : Exact miniature. Same tusk, colour, skin texture as elephant. The bright bokeh of background increases its elegance in double.
Praying Mantis : I witnessed the battle for life,the struggle for the last breath. It may be small, but it made me realize the value of life. The dramatic movements of attacks were eye catching. Mantis showed me the dark side of life.
Butterfly : I know, these species of butterfly are not even disturbed by external stimuli, but never thought that she was that much calm in nature. But at that moment I was thinking about her glowing side.

Light of Dusk

Yes, they are tiny ,they are nothing, just like a dust. But when I travelled through that small world along with sun-rays.I was speechless. Sunshine is the greatest artist I ever found. I wondered about the amazing combination of insects and sun light. My observation of little lives was awesome with the bokeh. I learned the numerous of lessons in my life by completing this journey…!

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punnia-jonesNew-born and Kids photographer, Punnia Jones is from Kozhikode, Kerala. In her words, Every instance of the life tells us different stories. Each moment should be freeze and lighted. Through photography, she likes to express what she feel, in the deepest sense. For her, the camera is a canvas, people should look at her pictures just like an enthusiast who looks at a painting. She has completed her Professional Diploma in Art of photography from Creative hut institute of Photography.

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