Why Photography?


Greetings from Editor to all. We are going to start a new series of articles on Photography starting from Why Photography? to Which are the different fields you can choose and which are the institutes that is dedicated only to photography. So, starting with this article today, every Friday evening we will publish the continued part of the series in our Editorial page.


Why Photography?



The term photography is something that has made its mark in each and every sector we are aware of. The extent to which it has gained popularity is far more than one could ever imagine.

Although professionalism is one thing that differentiates every picture, photography is not at all an uphill slug.

The world today is running behind multi-tasking devices where we are provided with everything just a finger touch away. Camera manufacturers also took the same road. They introduced high end cameras that not only takes still pictures (images) but also moving ones (videos) that adds more life.

Video of an Event being captured by using DSLR

The concept for videography was introduced by an English photographer Eadweard Muybridge. He discovered that the motion of sequential still photographs results in a much more authentic way of presentation. Although this is the case one should duly note that both photography and videography are two sides of the same coin.

The market seller DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera is the one that can record the maximum number of frames in a given second i.e. fps (frames per second). Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Nikon D850, Sony a9SII are some of the top names under this category.


Is photography a career option is a common question. This is where everyone takes a step back as the answer to that depends entirely upon the photographer’s knowledge in his field of expertise.


A career-oriented photographer apart from just taking still photographs would be very keen on photo editing, videography, video editing etc. In short, a photographer has the freedom to work in many areas or can even specialize in a particular category. Be a freelancer or work under a company.

Photography as a medium has changed drastically over the past decades. Once confined only to movies and events like weddings is now making its presence felt everywhere. For example, e-commerce, advertising, mass media, web journalism, digital world and many more in the list. The role played by photography in creating a marketing boom to these industries is pivotal. Which in result it has, in turn, produced a greater demand for professional photographers.

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