A Wedding Novel

You may have seen many fashion and wedding photos in your life, you can get best wedding shots or photographers in your fingertips. But, i bet you have never came across a wedding novel. Yes, this novel not only contain best photographs, but also our author here used his own imagination very creatively and made this beautiful photo novel.

Let’s take a walk through his imagination.


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So, how was the walk through? He would love some feedback.

About Author

mrinal-bhushanMrinal Bhushan is from Banka, Bihar. He is very passionate and creative Wedding photographer. In his words, composing and framing every shot is the best part he love about Photography. As, he says, it is not only about clicking best photographs, but it is also how much creative your image is. He has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of Photography from Creative hut institute of Photography, Kerala.

Mrinal Bhushan, Banka, Bihar, INDIA.

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