As part of Fashion photography – Human interest is one of the creative concept trending now. Here is a beautiful photo story made on human interest by our author.

Things end but memories last forever!

I have been living my dream for about last 1 year and I believe it has made me see the world as bag of wonder. As a photographer, I’ve found it inspiring to visualise the world in a slightly different point of view. I found what I am interested in and developed skills that help me achieve my dreams.

Creativity and the need for innovative ideas became the part of life and it helped me widen the world and slowly everything transitioned into a world full of endless possibilities. Documenting also helped me carve my organisational skills.

Divine Cleanliness : A Pure soul and body makes a perfect start for the day.
Holding the responsibilities : When you work and spend every minute for the one you love.
Taking every step together : When every step is meant to be walked together.
Life begins where you start dreaming: Dreaming is a pre visualization of how a life should be lead.
When smile and tear come together : The path to success always have these two elements.

About Author

ajil-joy-photomentorTo him photography is not just about colors, it is a few things that he love combined with a few things that loves him. As an aspiring filmmaker he always go for unconventional shots that lets him develop an identity for himself. When it comes to freezing frames streets and portraits are the genres that takes him one step closer in achieving his dreams. He has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of Photography from Creative Hut institute of Photography. Kerala, INDIA.

Ajil Joy, Kochi, Kerala, INDIA.

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