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Savour colours: The combination of spices colours.

Indian cooking is named by the wide use of numbers of spices. Spices or Masala as it is called in Hindi may be called the heartbeat of an Indian kitchen.

Ayurvedic spices: Spices are also used for health benefits.
Bloodshot chilly: The Queen of spices.


General use of spices does not mean that spices are used to make the food fry hot. The spices are used to flavour the food, making each dish separate and wonderfully sweet-smelling. Each spice by itself imparts a very unique flavour, but when used together with other spices.

Smell addiction: Surely you will get addicted after smelling these spices.

The combination and change of different ones magically change the individual characteristics. Spices are also used for health benefits and medicinal purpose, to prevent diseases and also to preserve food. Here I have shown a few basic spices uses widely in India. There are many more, and some of them might be used only meanly

Different combination: Different mixture for change the mood.


Fresh Aromatic: It is useable for getting freshness.
The common taste: The basic spices of the kitchen.
Change the flavour: Get together of many tastes.

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