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10 Amazing Levitation Photography

Levitation Photography Make some impossible matters to possible in a photography. Some times photographer also needs an editing knowledge, and levitation photography is the best...

10 Best Light Painting Photographs

Best Light Painting Photograph. The photographer can be a great envoy of fantasy world. A photographer can capture the impossible through his/her artistic talent. The...

Light Leads

Light leads | Street Photography Light Leads is an photo article on how light plays role in making image better and more meaningful. Lighting is...

Top 10 Balloon Helmet Photography

Balloon helmet photography is little similar to Balloon burst. It also depends on camera knowledge, fast action, perfect timing, some luck and co-operation of...

Top 10 Bokeh Photography

Bokeh Photography is one of the decorative methods to decorate the subject and frame. It is totally based on camera knowledge and creative ideas...

Top 10 Balloon Burst Photography trick

You all know that Photography is an art. But it is not just a art, it is a creative art. Photography tricks such as...
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Radial Balance – Architecture Photography

Radial Balance in Architecture Gujarat | Architecture Photography Mr. Abin Alex has always believed that it's not about just capturing photographs, but also implying the design...
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How to avoid digital NOISE in Photographs

How to avoid digital noise in our images The appearance of grains is known as noise in digital photography. Noise appears in photography due to...
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 Tricks to avoid Blurry photos

Tricks to avoid Blurry photos Blurry shots are very common in photography and it may occur with any type of camera. Blur is also very...

Garba – the festival

Garba - the festival! When it comes to Navratri there are three places in India where the attention of every Indian goes. Those are Mysore (Palace...