Streets of Europe-Travel, Eat, Experience


“The sunny day, with ice-cold breeze invite everybody to experience the magic of this land. The fulfilling fresh air complemented by the cold breeze gives a refreshing feeling. The otherwise uncrowded streets were filled with street artists entertaining people and people roaming around for shopping and food. Sunny days in winter are a feast to people here and everybody goes out to experience the sun.”

The beautiful green trams traversing through the city looked like magical worms crawling through the wonderland. The extremely clean street looked like an interior set for a movie. Ancient architecture is maintained as is, the building and street view is identical to what it was a couple of years before. There are proper renovations happening periodically, however, they make sure that the oldness is maintained.

STREET LIFE: Entertaining you is a way for us to live.

The street-side restaurants are busy selling Doners and Kebabs, which is an easy grab on the move. Also, there is outside seating available in most of the restaurants where people mostly senior citizens grab a drink and food to celebrate weekends. Unlike India, where the restaurant is just a resort for food, Europeans prefer to spend time in restaurants chitchatting and enjoying the weather.


Cycling is the major outdoor activity here. The majority here prefer public transport or bicycle for commutation. There are dedicated cycling paths available and if you are looking for weekend getaways, there are many bicycle hiking trails around the city, through small mountains, forests, and riverside. Individuals get out for a walk with their pets and specific parks and walking routes are available for each kind of group.

MUSIC FROM SOUL: Street artist playing a musical instrument.
BUSY STREETS: Crowded or devoid is the choice of yours.
FESTIVE MODE: People having a drink in a festive mood.


MEMORY: Get your portrait done in minutes.
STREET PRODUCTS: Grab some souvenirs from the street vendor.


UNPREDICTED LOOK: That’s my usual spot.
THE VIOLINIST: You reward them or not, they keep doing what they do.

Photographs & Text by Alan Jose.

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