As part of Photojournalism, our author here has a beautiful photo story on portraits of Varanasi.

“Where actions and words fails to speak, eyes becomes the mediators of emotion ”

Eyes unlike any other aspects of a portrait is the frozen path that connects reality and fiction. The stories that eyes convey is much clearer and transparent than a simple expression. Even you can fake expression but you can’t fake the feelings from your eyes. Eyes simply completes the expression. Expression is just a side actor. It supports the hero but deep down you have a feeling that it’s not genuine. Eyes on the other hand has a lead role that mesmerise the audience with a natural acting.

Varanasi: The “Confused Numb Face”

Eyes are the gateway of reality. What you perceive depends upon how you see. There are lots of myths revolving around the mystery of eyes. The base expression in every face is the same when it comes to a holy place like Varanasi: The “Confused Numb Face”. Every emotion can be enclosed under this expression. Every devotee who travels to the pilgrimage has this expression. These peoples are confused about life or certain aspects of life. It is evident that every eyes seek answers.

An eye that contains the whole world – It is true that everything you seek and everything you receive are recorded in the eye.
Entire Varanasi in a glance – The stare is one expression that leaves an artists mind with millions of question.
The Piercing Look – His face and the expression pierced through the camera.
The Emotional By passer – When an expression is powerful enough to melt an artist.
The old angry civilian – Staring directly in to the camera with eyes heated with fire
Hidden but revealed – Revealed face narrates more story when other parts are hidden.
Cover what is less important – When full concentration is on eyes the subject can’t hide anything from photographer.

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rahul-raoFormally known as Rahul under the tag photographer, he is a travel enthusiast and an aspiring travel film maker. In his words, his journey is indeed in search of cultural heritage and landscapes that led to the evolution of trending culture. He has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of Photography from Creative Hut institute of photography, Kerala, INDIA.

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