Phases and Faces – Vivid Faces in Dull Phases of life


“Problems and challenges are a part of our life. The thing that matters is how we react to them. Our life should be joyful and filled with colors rather than being miserable and dull.”

Many times in our life, we feel bowed down, stressed, depressed, broken and worried. At every phase of life, there are certain problems and challenges. In fact, they are a part of our everyday life.

Fearless: The Symbol of energy and freshness.

Charles R. Swindoll a famous author, educator, and the pastor says, “Life is 10% what really happens to us and 90% how we react to it”. Just the word problem is enough to drag most of us into a panic. But, without struggle and challenges, life becomes meaningless. Hard situations make us think. Make us Stronger. They teach us things that we didn’t know before.




Look for Alternatives: Forget the Problems and move on.

Our life should be filled with joys rather than being dull. It should be vivid rather than being colorless. Our focus should be on the future rather than the past. We shall enjoy every moment because we got only one life.

Painted Expressions: A Layer of Expressions over the face


Photographs & Text by Abhishek Dhupar.

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