Macro Photography | Insects

Nature is the gift of god and the beauty in everything found in nature is just unable to explain in one word. I was simply amazed to see the real beauty of all those tiny insects that I tried to capture. Marvels of Nature is a photo story where I brought those wonderful creatures from their world. Hope this photo story makes you to enjoy the nature’s beauty.

canon-macro-photography-house-fly-photomentor close-up-photography-black-and-red-beetle-photomentor common-insect-photo-house-fly-photomentor insect-photos-golden-tortoise-beetle-photomentor macro-lens-photography-lady-bug-spider-photomentor macro-photography-argiop-anasuja-photomentor wild-insects-images-rhinid-blowfly-photomentor

Photographs by: V Elango, Tamilnadu

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