Macro Photography | Insects

Kerala gives us an amazing experience about tiny insects. Insect world is totally a different face of Nature. It is unharmed beauty which everyone cannot see in naked eye. Here are some insects I photographed in Kerala.

bug-insect-squash-bug-photomentor close-up-photography-insects-photomentor insects-photography-gea-subaramata-spider macro-lens-photography-insect-batocera-lamondi-photomentor

macro-photography-insect-assassin-bug-photomentor rare-insect-photo-lyxn-spider-photomentor rare-macro-photos-crab-spider-photomentor wild-insect-photo-mealy-bugs-destroyer-photomentorwild-insects-photos-theridula-angula-photomentor

Photographs by: Bikash Ranjan, Odisha.

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