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“Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.” – Winston Churchill

A Land of artistic people

Kerala – “God’s Own country” has been one of the most cultured and peaceful states in India. Kerala’s culture and lifestyle have significantly influenced by the huge population of people from the Malayalis and Dravidian race. Beside the three main religions of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam culture, Kerala is prestigious for its diverse martial arts, elegant dance forms, music and art and craft.

As Kerala is a land of artistic people; there you will find many complex designs and the range of arts and crafts. Kerala is famous for its sculptures in metals and woods, like sandalwood, metal jewelry, coconut shell and coir products, snake boat model,  coconut ashtrays, furniture and other statues and paintings of elephants etc.

Glimpse of oppana dance form
Houseboats and Boat racing are the most favorite aspects of culture of Kerala.


The art forms of Kerala can be classified into four groups such as Classical Art Form, Folk Art Form, Fine Art Form and Temple Music Form. Kerala’s folk music is rich with a elegance that is really genuine with its rhyme and rhythm. Kerala has a large number of festivals to celebrate for the whole year. They include temple, religious rituals, social and community and other traditions. One of the old tradition and ritual is Onam celebration. It recalls the visit of King ‘Mahabali’ to see his desiples. Atthachamayyam, Pulikkali, Thiruvathirakali, boat racing and other songs are associated with the Onam celebration.

Well-being of communities

Undoubtedly the art and culture of the Kerala is most fascinating in the world as it consist the combination of art forms, festivals, literature, craft works. Art and culture are powerful tools to engage communities in various levels of change. It makes considerable and necessary contributions to the well-being of communities…

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