As part of Wildlife photography, here our author has made a educative photo article on animals and how they are in edge of extinction.

Where one ends another one begins…that is life!

The loss of animals from ecological communities is a major threat that the world is facing right now. It is not only by the impact of humans but so many other factors are also included. Overkill happens whenever hunting occurs at rates greater than the reproductive capacity of the population. The effects of this are often noticed much more dramatically in slow growing populations.

Hunting, fishing and so on.

Hunting, fishing and so on, has lowered the competition between members of a population. However, if this hunting continues at rate greater than the rate at which new members of the population can reach breeding age and produce more young, the population will begin to decrease in numbers.


Deforestation and increased road-building are a significant concerns because of increased human encroachment upon wild areas. Many processes associated with human habitation of an area cause loss of this area and decrease the carrying capacity of the land for that species.

If we find that their habitat is degrading we are the ones who have to find them an alternate place for survival.

PRECIOUS FACE – Love of mother and child is unconditional.
THE PERFECT PARTNER – It is always good to have someone at your back.
UNITY IS STRENGTH – Its better to be a team than to be single.
LOOK OF RESTLESSNESS – Always be aware of the danger around you.
FASCINATION OVERWHELMED – Make your appearance appealing for others.
THE ROYAL BEAUTY – The beauty beyond the limits.

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