As part of Travel Photography, here our author has travelled all the way to Rajasthan and has collected some photographs of beautiful monuments of Rajasthan.

Tenacious structures of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is among the few states of India that are blessed with amazing architectural heritage. This is the land where you get an opportunity to see numerous grand forts, beautiful palaces magnificent temples and many other impressive structures. Rajasthan is simply a heaven for a person having deep interest in art and architecture.

The Rajputs were lovers of beautiful structures and built a number of forts and palaces on the arid Aravali landscape. Today these palaces narrate the stories of valour and gallantry of rulers of Rajasthan. The architecture of Rajasthan is essentially a blend of India, Mughal and European styles. Here, I want to show you some beautiful monuments, which are many years old.

Jantar Mantar | Stairway to heaven.
Amer Fort | Through the corridor of memories.
AMER FORT | Even the weakest architecture supported by pillars endure much longer.
Krishna Temple | Path of devotion.
Amer Fort | Architecture belongs to culture, not to civilization.
Krishna Temple | When the holy light falls on the divine temple.
Shiva Temple, Panna Meena Ka kund | Sky touching beauty.
Jal Mahal | A frame needs frame to highlight.
Gaitore, Rjasthan Jaipur | Flaunting the rock in the midst of iron Era.
Panna meena ka kund | symmetrical stairs
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