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As part of Travel Photography, here our author has a beautiful photo story made on architecture design of Varanasi temples.

Architectures of Varanasi

Our present day work-style can be likened to the memory ancient places built with incredible technical and splendid interior design. Exploring the subtler dimensions of our inner imagination. Vintage style is a great solution for treasure hunters, lovers of sensational connections and houses.

With our creative bent of mind, we have designed a wide range of carved doors with antique design and a perfect-day by day we come across a lot of doors and windows. We just go through them and come out. None finds time to speculate the beauty behind them. The worst case scenario is that no one even cares about the purpose. Doors are the openings into everything and the windows are the eyes to our world outside. Find time to witness the excellence behind these marvels.

Red shelter
Artistic balance
Yellow bricks
Geometric shapes
A perfect hand crafted window in frame in frame
Small patterns and textures are those enriches the beauty of the architecture.
Lead into god
Through a view
Unity of gestalt

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madhusudhanMadhusudhan K.V from Bangalore, Karnataka. He started his photography journey last year. He love photography literally as long as he can remember. It became a passion to him. He love taking nature and macro photos but real expression and emotions of people also excites him. He has completed his Professional diploma in Art of Photography from Creative Hut institute of Photography, Kerala, INDIA.

Madhusudhan, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

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