Gleaning Ornaments


Ornaments play a significant role in the life of women it is said to be that ornaments reveal the beauty of the women.

Product photography is the trickiest in photography when it comes to jewelry photography. It is a way difficult compare to any other product. An ornament is made up of a metal that reflects the vibrant look of a woman and relishes the inner beauty to the outside world. Ornaments are of different types and are made of different materials.

The Trinkets of Joy: Ornaments are the precious coverings on a woman body.

The cost will be raved according to the metal they used. When it comes to photography capturing these ornaments within the studio light is a different take as they reflect the light where some ornaments give peculiar lighting merging up to product photography of ornaments with the face painting is the new creative way in the product photography field.

The specular: Handcrafted earrings reflecting the bright luminous.


The face of the model will be painted different colors according to the ornaments and the ornaments are placed in the respective place upon the model such as necklace in the neck, earrings, bracelets, etc. This creative trick gives more vibrant and dynamic photos that grab the attention of the viewers.

The swan: Representing the peace and harmony.

Photographs & Text by Ebin PJ.

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