As part of Fashion photography, Our author here has some amazing street fashion photographs he shot in Mysore, Karnataka.

Street fashion is an elegance of art.

It is a charm of modern glamour world. Glamour world has created and attracted the generations. Our country has made a unique world of elegance and it is a true perception. In the whole world it has spread its glory. It is a root of pleasure and the pleasure has made a natural wonder. The glory dashing through the world. It is an amazing precept and humans have manifested it so nicely. It is a touch of creative method and has decorated like this.

The beauty of fashion in the beauty of street is what I have covered here.

Roof of pleasure | Peace cover the beauty of destination.
Fore of affluence | Ways deviate front of glory.
Epoch has stopped | Era has stopped with the rhythm.
Art of elegance | Grace is a true wonder.
Shame is costume | Modesty is a costume of eyes.
Radiant is shedding | Effulgent is dashing on the way.

About Author

madhusudhanMadhusudhan K.V from Bangalore, Karnataka. He started his photography journey last year. He love photography literally as long as he can remember. It became a passion to him. He love taking nature and macro photos but real expression and emotions of people also excites him. He has completed his Professional diploma in Art of Photography from Creative Hut institute of Photography, Kerala, INDIA.

Madhusudhan, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

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