Welcome to Editorial column. Here you will find those articles which are researched, surveyed and created by our Editorial team. Not only special articles, but also Photo knowledge is here, where we share some tips, tricks and general knowledge of Photography. Stay tuned for new articles every Friday. We call it Cover story and Photo Knowledge.




Top 16 Photography Tricks

Photography tricks | Get creative with your Camera. Here below are some examples of top photography...

Best 10 Splash Photography Images

Splash Photography | Photography Trick. Have you ever tried using faster shutter speed to freeze the...

Adding FISH-EYE effect to your photos

Adding the fish-eye effect to your photos Dynamic lenses for your camera makes your photography an expensive...
Candle light photography

Instructions to photograph CANDLELIGHT

Instructions to photograph candlelight Numerous picture takers pick flares of candles which go about as the...
ISO Settings

How to avoid digital NOISE in Photographs

How to avoid digital noise in our images The appearance of grains is known as noise...
blur and sharp image

 Tricks to avoid Blurry photos

Tricks to avoid Blurry photos Blurry shots are very common in photography and it may occur...


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