Welcome to the digital personalised E - Photo Book zone. Here you can see the works of students from class of 2017-18, who have designed their Photo Books for showcasing their Photojournalism skills. And there is no wrong in calling these books as their personal magazines. If you like to buy the digital and printed version of these books, email us the details of the book you are looking for.

the click - abhishek biswas

The magnificent frames - ajil joy

good times together - albin kurian

wisdom is a thirst - bishal ghosh

the vagabond - gokul somarajan

better frames - harikrishna o

pictorial - liza abraham

The artist Treasury - Madhusudhan KV

pixel planet - manu joseph

impressions - pranavika mohitepatil

pictorial passage - mrinal bhushan

photo perfection - nihal kashyap

photo eyes - Prajul C k

The tale of imagination - s pranesh

divergent perspective - punnia jones

enduring expedition - rahul rao

the viewfinder - ramees rajan

The real life anchor - Roshni s prasad

An elegant tale - sajeeth ka

The artist & his magic wand - Suyash

The nomad's tales - vijay raj mg

Books are also for sale. If you wish to buy or you want your personalized magazine like these, Kindly do send us message and we will be in touch with you.