As part of the Wildlife Photography this is one educative photo article made on birds by our one of the authors.

‘’Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings’’

Birds are found almost everywhere in the whole world and we love them. Some people like to keep them in cages, and some of them can’t see them in cage. They have many types of species and have different families. Their small eyes and wings have too much power beyond human imagination.They fly over the sky from one country to other countries. They make home itself. God created birds different in colour, size, and shape.

PIED KINGFISHER is a bird with a broad band of black streaks on the upper breast and narrow black bar below.
HILL MYNA are glossy black which have prominent bright orange-yellow wattles on the nape and below the eye.
VERNAL HANGING PARROTS are found in India and South East Asia.
COMMON KINGFISHER is a bird with greenish blue neck strip.
LITTLE CORMORANT are small members of the Phalacrocoracidae family.

PURPLE RUMPED SUNBIRD Purple-rumped sunbirds are tiny at less than 10 cm long.
ORIENTAL DOLLORBIRD is a bird of the roller family, so named because of the distinctive blue coin-shaped spots on its wings.


Birds are obviously important members of our ecosystem because they keep system in balance but they also feed our spirits, moving us to create art and poetry, inspiring us to flight and reminding us that we are not the only owner of this earth. We need the birds to eat insects and move seed. Some birds get their food from flowers, fruits etc.


Feathers are defining characteristic of aves, found in every living species of bird. Their bodies are beautifully designed for flight. Difference in wings shape provides different advantages. All birds have wings although not all birds fly. Birds are real, elements that live within our sensory plane.

INDIAN POND HERON is a small bird commonly found in marshy areas.
RED-WATTLED LAPWING They nest in a ground scrape laying three to four camouflaged eggs.
INDIAN GREY HORNBILL horn-bills are a group of birds whose bill is shaped like a cow’s horn, but without a twist .

Fly, Run and Swim

All aves have their own speciality some can fly fast, some run faster than humans and some can swim fast. The bodies are covered with feathers that grow out of the skin that no other animal has. Feathers are very useful. Soft feathers keep them warm, wing feathers allow flight and tails feathers are used for steering. Without birds the nature is incomplete and they are the one who made the nature more attractive.

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suyash-chimakerSuyash Chimankar from Rajnandgoan Chhattisgarh. He is a Wildlife photography enthusiast with an interest in shooting nature as raw as it is. In his words, he always try to visualise how his output should be and this helps him to improve every single day. He has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of Photography from Creative hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, INDIA.

Suyash Chimankar, Rajnandgoan, Chattisgarh.

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