As part of Travel photography, here our author has a beautiful photo story on beach of Kerala with minimalist photography concept.

“Simplicity represents beauty, beauty comes through beaches and this beauty pleases eyes”

The Shining sun reflecting beautiful colour from the sea and sand. This is how beach is generally narrated by the writer, adding to that we photographers see simplicity, beauty and different color scheme in a single frame.

Minimalism is the new trend.

Minimalist photography comprises of not many things in the photograph, the frame contains lots of breathing space and it leaves the photograph upon the perception of the viewers.

It is all above eye pleasing and soothing to see!

The following collection of minimalist photographs of different beach and backwater in Kerala, are in itself a great piece of art. As of painter a blank canvas represents an infinite number of possibilities. Similarly the minimalist photographs give the viewer complete liberty to use the perception to understand the photographs. Not all the photos could be understood by everyone, and that is the best thing about minimalist art, it is all above eye pleasing and soothing to see.

Minimalist concept.

SYMBOL OF MEMORIES : A beautiful location of Fort Kochi beach.There is a old tree on that makes remember of old memories.
SEAT ALONE, GAIN A LOT: A walkway of fort Kochi beach, Fort Kochi, Where a a man is seated alone and feeling the beauty of god’s creation. Clouds of sky and waves of ocean are showing their actions in this frame, connecting a soothing relation.
VITAMIN C, THAT THE SEA GIVES : Fort Kochi beach, Fort Kochi. A beauty that gives soothing feel. There are so many walkway onto the beach like this. It looks very beautiful when sea waves run into the rock of walkway and people enjoy this beauty.
EVERY DAY IS A NEW BEGINNING “START YOUR DAY” : Cherai Beach, Cochin, Kerala. This is located towards the centre north of the Vypin island which is 30km from Kochi. It is the longest beach in Kochi. There are so many colorful boats on this beach which makes environment colorful.
GO DEEP, OVERCOME WITH CONFIDENCE : A frame of continuity in a very beautiful Fort Kochi beach is situated on the western coast of India.
TAKE ME TO THE OCEAN : A wonderful boat is leading at Cherai beach. This is a perfect place to just sit by the beach basking in the beauty of the sunrise or the sunset or taking a long, quiet walk along the shore. It is also known for frequent dolphin sightings.
START THE JOURNEY, LEAD YOUR JOURNEY : Beautiful Backwater in Kochi. A boat is leading with the leader (Crow) in the backwater. Which is giving meaning to the frame. It is located in main Kochi town 4 km away from Ernakulam North. Sunrise view through this backwater is awesome.
THE HEAVEN “FEEL THE BEAUTY” : Cherai Beach, Cochin, Kerala. This is one of the excellent beaches in Kerala 30km away from Cochin town and is one of the most visited beaches in the state Kerala. It makes for perfect place to take walk through seashore.

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